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Falfurrias, Texas
- I was in a motorcycle accident. Just think this thing was my angel. No broken bones just bruised up....

Napoleonville, Louisiana
- I grew up in Napoleonville, and my family owns the home on Jefferson Street where I grew up as well. I'm interested in knowing who lived there in the years prior to us living there and before it was made out to be the Council on Aging. Any info would be greatly appreciated you can message me at npvr...
Hampton, Virginia
- This photo was taken at Bluebird Gap Farm in Feb. 2008. It was taken near the graves that are in the woods there. My 2 year old grandson told us that he ''saw'' a lady there. No one else saw anything but on impulse I took the photo.
When downloaded to the computer it shows a woman in a long dress...


Duluth, Minnesota - My dad used to live in the Duluth/Superior area, and my older brother still lives there. I have had many things happen to me. Once when I was younger ...

Harrison, Michigan - As a child of 14 I lived for a short time in an old white farmhouse across from a small lake on Grant Road. I lived with four other children and my mo...

Alba, Missouri - In the White House down the street from the old Alba store that I once lived in strange little things started to happen. The first thing was I was nex...

Kinder, Louisiana - My family went to Kinder on a road trip and stayed at the Super 8 for one night. We got ready for bed, and it was extremely cold even when I would get...

Kayenta, Arizona - There was a movie crew here in 1961, one of countless... Anyway this one had a guy named Jeff Carlson, his job was to fix broken vehicles and fix flat...

Oak Grove, Louisiana - I think it was in 1952 if I remember it correctly. That was when Terry Coleman went missing in the woods north of town. I was just a kid but I remembe...

Oley, Pennsylvania - A few of my Friends and I were driving down Kiem Road just the other day around 8:30 pm. It was almost dark but still a little light out when we notic...

Mohegan Lake, New York - In 1958 a young man named John Jefferson from New York city came here to visit some countryside relatives. He was a very good swimmer and he decided t...

Duke, Oklahoma - I know that some people will laugh after reading this, but you had better believe there are all kinds of things concerning Duke, Oklahoma that cannot ...

Clinton, Iowa - I lived in a house on 18XX Camanche Avenue. We lived there for 4 years. There were sounds of footsteps on the stairs that would only go to the landing...

Montrose, Pennsylvania - The old jailhouse is haunted by an inmate who died there at the hands of guards. His name was Michael Tannin or Tannen or something like that. He was ...

Saint James, Missouri - 100 years ago a young lady named Lauren Coleman was hit by the train on Jefferson Street. She was dragged in front of the train two blocks before the ...

Willcox, Arizona - There was a drifter that rode in one day in 1888, his name was Henry Butcher. Someone shot him as he rode into town. No one knew exactly why or who bu...

Siloam Springs, Arkansas - I've been to Blagg many times. I've had my phone do weird stuff. Someone called me and was trying to talk to me, but I couldn't understand the voice. ...

Quitaque, Texas - I have seen the ghosts of American Indians in Quitaque several times but was always afraid to say anything to anyone about it. One of the ghosts is of...

Harrold, Texas - Don't laugh too hard about there not being any ghosts in Harrold, Texas. Back in the 1950s a teenage boy in a fast car died on one of the country road...

Clayton, Oklahoma - I was once told that there was a ghost in Clayton who appeared to have a cast on its right leg, and it was holding a fishing rod in one hand. I find t...

Siloam Springs, Arkansas - The name used to be Allens Cannin Comp. now known as Sager Creek. I had to use the bathroom. As I went upstairs... I started hearing banging and there...

Ellabell, Georgia - I know there are some very creepy things in and around Ellabell, and I know about that cemetery and big oak tree too. Some places just seem to attract...

Gould, Oklahoma - There is the ghost of an elderly lady that can sometimes be seen in Gould. I am told that this elderly lady enjoyed feeding the birds. If you should s...

Springfield, Ohio - In the 60s and early 70s I lived on N. Western av. Close to Snyder Park . We would be downstairs hear footsteps upstairs, a rocker rocking, no one in ...

Lake Villa, Illinois - I grew up in an old house in Lake Villa, and I could go on and on with the weird stuff that happened over my life growing up there. We have had doors ...

Riverside, California - The property located near Wells Avenue and Hedrick Avenue in the La Sierra area has a heavy evil presence. A lot of the property behind the homes was ...

Fox Lake, Illinois - I used to live off Eagle Point Road as well. I jokingly called it the ''bad luck house'' because as soon as I moved in, everything in my life fell apa...

Cary, Illinois - My experience happened years ago from October 1978 through July 1979. Not in Cary but in nearby Oakwood Hills. We bought a house in October 1978. It w...

Norton, Kansas - As we all know Norton is fairly old, especially the downtown area. Most of the businesses downtown have basements that connect to other businesses. If...

Manitou Springs, Colorado - Not an actual sighting, but we lived in Manitou for two years on Narrows Road. Our kids were about three and four at the time. We've never talked ghos...

Fort Benning, Georgia - My husband is active duty. We live on Devore Court here in Bouton Village Heights. When we first got here it never crossed my mind that these places w...

Fort Bragg, North Carolina - My husband and I live off of Searight Drive in the Casablanca neighborhood of Fort Bragg. We tried ignoring the activity brushing it off as nothing fo...

Wilmore, Kentucky - There is no doubt in my mind that West Jessamine High School is haunted. I have had countless encounters there at the school. From being chased on the...

Tampa, Florida - Britton Plaza is a large shopping center in South Tampa. The Britton Theater has been there since the plaza's development in around 1956. There are st...

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Albany - Illinois
Albany Illinois. I was in high school and while waiting for the bus one morning I looked to the north and saw a cigar shaped object hovering just a...

Ridgewood - New York
My cousin lives near Mt. Olivet Cemetery and I went to visit him last summer. His bedroom window was facing Mt. Olivet Crescent. At night I asked him...

Clinton Township - Michigan
Ok I have no clue what this is but this thing was hovering in the sky last night. It was only there for a few seconds and then it was gone. I was dam...


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Clinton, Iowa - I used to work there too mostly nights. I remember all of that happening and the resident you mentio...

Springfield, Ohio - We also found a very creepy baby doll in a bedroom closet and a book with Latin ''chants'' in it. We...

Springfield, Ohio - Where at in Beatty? We live there, and there is a lot of activity in our house. Especially a baby cr...

Clinton, Iowa - I worked there when it was Borden Manor. The break room was in the middle section. We would hear all...

Midland, Texas - I've read many stories that claim that a lot of the demons are small like dogs. Time for fasting and...

Pine Bush, New York - So who was the teacher who died?? I went to PBHS class of 88....

Louisville, Colorado - Where did you live in Louisville? Near old town Main Street?....

Midland, Texas - Which school was this?....

Cape Canaveral, Florida - He might have gone up a hidden walkway to one of the houses along the beach. You can't always see th...

Clinton, Iowa - Thank you for the picture. I climbed around on the thousand stairs when I was a teenager, and they w...

Galveston, Texas - We stayed in an apartment complex in Galveston last June, and it was an old cemetery by our balcony....

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