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55746 Ghost Sightings as of 9/24/2016

Lakeland, Florida
- We went to Sleepy hill last night around 8:30 till 9:30. I took some pictures, and can you tell me what this is. bmahan86 @gmail. Com....

La Porte, Texas
- This picture was taken at the old Cedarhurst Cemetery in La Porte, Texas.. The cemetery has long been lost due to neglect, vandalism, and just plain time.. There is rumor of a ghost that haunts the cemetery who was murdered and buried in this old and outdated cemetery but without a Tombstone or mark...

Dickinson, Texas
- My wife and I live in a subdivision off of Hughes in Dickinson, TX, before we met she had been with a man who decided to end his life in our home. Strange things are being heard and seen in the morning hours of 2 am till a little past 3 am.
I was not a believer of the paranormal until now... See ...

Hogansville, Georgia
- In my new house, and me and 2 of my best friends hear and see things in this house!!....

Brownwood, Texas
- Me and a couple of friends went to East Lawn Cemetery off of 377 and did an investigation. We took pictures and EVPs and we happened to catch something. There was an EVP that said go away and there where photos of something near a bench moving.
The cemetery may seem peaceful, but there is somethi...


M C B H Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii - I haven't been to Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii since I was 2 and a half, but I remember my experiences. I lived on the first floor of the old duplex on Manning...

Modesto, California - I've been renting a room in a house off of McHenry and Tokay Avenues. My landlord has said that a lady lived in my room after the house was built in 1...

Adrian, Michigan - I work at the local Shoe Carnival in the city. Since I've been there I've felt very uneasy, especially at night. There's a strange presence on the pro...

Zephyrhills, Florida - My brother lived in Wesley Chapel and his office was in the house. Every day at 2:00 pm I would feel so sick to my stomach. And then it would pass the...

Morenci, Michigan - I was coming home from a late night camping trip to scout areas to set up for deer hunting. On my way back into town some huge thing swooped down and ...

Pine, Colorado - My girlfriend and I went up to the shooting range outside Pine on the right side of the road it was about 8:30. I mean we have never felt so scared w...

Zephyrhills, Florida - My sister in-law pulled in to the drive and could see in the office window. And saw a man standing there she went inside and ask my brother that was s...

Lake Panasoffkee, Florida - In my house my mom claimed to walk past my room in the middle of the night and (we have a no door closet) she saw two little girls sitting criss cross...

Mountain Ranch, California - I always find that stuff is moved or is missing even though I hide it or put it in a locked box....

Wausau, Wisconsin - On North 5th Street near the Woodchucks Stadium we live in a house haunted by 2 spirits (or whatever you want to call them.) It is known to our family...

Newport, Tennessee - I lived in this old brick house on N. Main Street for about 1 year. The place had not been lived in for several years when I started renting it from t...

Lake City, Florida - On Christmas Day of 2014 my family gathered around the living room of my grandparents' home. As we started opening gifts one at a time. I glanced towa...

West Covina, California - I am a middle age educated man. I have lived now in West Covina for over four years. Until recent mostly during the day I would see a sudden grey shad...

Battle Creek, Michigan - About fifteen years ago my family lived in a home located on Capital Avenue SW. The four years we lived there I had quite a few experiences. Up until ...

Woodstock, Vermont - Let me start off by saying prior to this event I did not believe in ghosts nor was I open to seeing one, but I did believe in energy transfer and ''vi...

Port Charlotte, Florida - We bought a house a year and a half ago. We've heard footsteps in the attic area in several parts of the house. My daughters see shadow people regular...

Careywood, Idaho - Careywood has history I am not sure of and have been trying to find something about it. My brothers and I live out in the country about a mile from th...

Anadarko, Oklahoma - At around 2:00 am on a cool October near full moon morning while sleeping warmly in my warm farm house bed I was awoken by the sounds of coyotes screa...

Shreve, Ohio - The silo located in the Kill Buck Marsh, just located off SR 83 north of Millersburg is haunted. The silo is on the north side before you get to the w...

Ben Franklin, Texas - We own about forty acres in Ben Franklin. There is an old house built in the late 1890s that is on the back of our property. Upon going into this hous...

Turner, Maine - In a house in Turner Maine, near Hebron, the ghost of a little boy who died in a fire in the early 1900s can be seen trying to communicate with the li...

Hutchinson, Kansas - A unique building on W. 17th Hutchinson, KS was first located at another location in the 1890s. It was first a church. Then I believe it was a one roo...

Harrington, Delaware - I own a home on Harrington Avenue here in Harrington, DE. I have lived here for the last ten years. I grew up in Felton, DE and lived here in Harringt...

Monticello, Minnesota - I was staying at my cousin's house a few years back. In their back yard there is a whole bunch of junk cluttered around everywhere. One of many things...

Fulda, Minnesota - My mom and I have had a lot of experiences with ghosts at one of our old houses down by a lumber yard. One night, my mom was outside putting our dog b...

Alleghany, California - I have been to Alleghany many times, mostly during the summer seasons to visit family and friends. I have been spooked twice in that town, once during...

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Rochester - New York
In Greece NY I was standing on Howedale Drive about 8 pm. I was in August and was still daylight. I was looking toward Lake Ontario and stared at wha...

West Linn - Oregon
So my boyfriend and I were sitting in our schools parking lot just a few minutes after 10 pm and we were watching this bright flashing light right ove...

Keene - New Hampshire
Pine Avenue. Lights near WKBK tower viewed from SE-facing bedroom window. Approx. 10:00 pm.

I saw indistinct shape through elm tree branches fr...


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North Tonawanda, New York - That was not a tool shed. That was a mausoleum. Not until recently was it taken down....

Canyon Country, California - How long ago did this happen at Canyon Country Park what year and what year did the woman leave Cany...

Lowell, Massachusetts - So fake! A young girl is playing in her bedroom when she hears her mother call to her from the kitch...

Coachella, California - John your experience is scary I've never had that happen to me. I moved to Indio CA when I was 16 I'...

Occoquan, Virginia - That must be the ghost of Mary Dahn. She was murdered there on Dec 9 1986 in front of her family....

Aberdeen, South Dakota - I would like to investigate this sometime....

Chino Hills, California - I think I read one like this in Boro maybe....

Winthrop Harbor, Illinois - I also lived on Holdridge in Winthrop Harbor and my family and I experienced all sorts of weird thin...

Wausau, Wisconsin - Sounds like the ghost is stuck and is mad about it....

Arcadia, California - Spirits both young and old exist here on earth. It has nothing to do with the age you died and/or of...

Radford, Virginia - I have heard that someone hang themselves on that bridge and he was there for a day or so before peo...

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