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58714 Ghost Sightings as of 8/19/2017

Schulenburg, Texas
- This pic was taken in Schulenberg, Texas.. Again at the Von Mindon Hotel.. A hotel that has been around since the 1920's and still to this day is in function.. The one thing that makes this hotel unique is there is a theater attached to it and is said to be haunted..
Do you see the woman in her c...

San Acacia, New Mexico
- 9-26-2010 , I went to San Acacia and took some pictures. The first picture I took of the old church which is still standing, but not restored, I was standing about 10 feet from the entrance and captured a white mist at the doorway.
I felt like someone was there beside me, but didn't see the mist ...

Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
- This is at my apartment on East Howard Street. In the left window, there is a figure of a man and a woman's face. She has a hat on, like they used to wear back in the 1800s. It looks like they're respecting my space though, because they're outside my window. Watching my daughter play....
Nederland, Colorado
- July of 2010 I visited Nederland cemetery. Took several pictures. I always take several pics of the same thing unless it's kind of boring. This is one of those pictures, there was nothing remarkable about this tombstone(s) compared to the others.
However, when I reviewing the pictures in the car,...

Manchester, Tennessee
- I live in Manchester, Tennessee and I am a paranormal investigator / sensitive. Me and my group, Vortex Ghosthunters, have taped at many places in Manchester and surrounding areas. We have taped and done investigations at old/new Redden Cemetery, Blaton Chapel Rd.
Concord Cemetery. Hwy. 55 , Towe...


Chinle, Arizona - The first time I went to Canyon de Chelley I went to three or four overlooks on the north rim. Each and every time I stepped out of my vehicle, I had ...

Roswell, New Mexico - Two years later my family and I moved to Los Alamos, NM. It was mid-October in 2015, and after putting my kids to bed I sat down with my laptop to che...

Spooner, Wisconsin - Two years ago my cousin and I were walking from his cabin on Island Lake to his grandparents' cabin at 11:00 pm. We knew the trail, and we are fairly ...

Fort Fairfield, Maine - I experienced several strange things in my house on the Dorsey Road in Fort Fairfield. One time I woke up to my leg being violently pulled, but there ...

Springfield, Ohio - I used to live in a house across from the old hospital on High Street and some weird things happened. The door to a room would be closed and when I'd ...

Brookings, South Dakota - I was walking past 909 1st Avenue in Brookings SD and there were screams heard from the empty house. Lights turning on and off when there is not elect...

Winston Salem, North Carolina - I live in Winston-Salem at the corner of Beeson Dairy Road and Northampton drive. My mother was out of town one night, I heard the back door open and ...

Spotsylvania, Virginia - One day I was walking in the woods with a couple of my friends. We were looking at the creek that was near us. Then all of a sudden a white and black ...

Suamico, Wisconsin - My name is Ron. I am the last business man to run a business out of Cormier Way station built in 1863 by David Cormier. I spent eight years in that bu...

Wyoming, Michigan - My mom lives in Ramblewood Apartments, and during the summer when school is out I stay there. I sleep on the couch in the living room. Now I'm not sur...

Union City, Tennessee - I have always lived in Union City. There was this one house that I lived in where a woman next door would ask me every day if I was okay. I would alwa...

Smithville, Missouri - I was looking at a home on Woodruff Street in Smithville MO. That night we were thinking about making an offer the next day. That night as I was sleep...

Desert Hot Springs, California - These are my memories from being three to five years old and may not be entirely accurate. As I was a small child, my mother started dating someone th...

Boons Camp, Kentucky - When I was younger, me, my cousin, (N) and our aunt (J) went for a walk outdoors down the holler. Well me being the curious little kid, I was I walked...

Mascot, Tennessee - I finally paid for my mother's tomb stone for her grave; she died in March of last year. My father has been dead for over fifteen years. I am thirty-f...

Caribou, Maine - Hi, I wanted to tell you what happened to me. It happened in Caribou, Maine. We moved there a few years ago, and I have my room upstairs. An older man...

Campo, California - I work in Campo, San Diego County, California. It is located about fifty miles east of San Diego along Highway 94. It is the site of the Old Camp Lock...

Hornbeck, Louisiana - I have had many ghost experiences. I have seen the ghost of a middle-aged woman. Her hair is in a bun; she wears an old middle-aged dress. I have seen...

Melrose, Ohio - We moved to Oakwood when I was going into seventh grade. The whole area seems closed off from the rest of town, one of those Midwest suburbs that want...

Copeville, Texas - Twenty some odd years ago, when I was very small something happened that shook me through to my spine. I remember it vividly. I lived on what is a dea...

Williamson, New York - In East Williamson there once was a beautiful Dutch windmill on Ridge Road. It stood at the center of a fork in the road. The mill was first built as ...

Careywood, Idaho - Careywood has history I am not sure of and have been trying to find something about it. My brothers and I live out in the country about a mile from th...

Anadarko, Oklahoma - At around 2:00 am on a cool October near full moon morning while sleeping warmly in my warm farm house bed I was awoken by the sounds of coyotes screa...

Shreve, Ohio - The silo located in the Kill Buck Marsh, just located off SR 83 north of Millersburg is haunted. The silo is on the north side before you get to the w...

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Dayton - Ohio
Technically this would not be a ''UFO'' because it was fully identifiable as a ship. Much like a large 17th century style ship with 2 white sails on i...

Adel - Georgia
I live in the country so no one lives behind me. There are just fields and woods. One evening I was relaxing on the deck talking to my stepdaughter. ...

Mountville - Pennsylvania
Three glowing fire red lights acending to the sky then disappearing got photos on my phone....


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Marfa, Texas - I have seen him twice once around twelve or so years ago. My best friend and I were watching the lig...

Avoca, Michigan - I was also a kid in that house. How dare you put this on the internet Billie. Shame on you! You have...

Irwin, Pennsylvania - Which house did you live in on 6th Street? The one at the corner where the school was?....

Hayward, California - Hayward smoke shops are very common with selling eye color contacts!....

Daviston, Alabama - I'm moving....

Sedley, Virginia - Would love to see this picture especially since I live right down the road. If you can look me up on...

Blair, Nebraska - I know John, he was in my grade....

Eatonton, Georgia - This house is around where I live. I would love to go inside of it. Every Halloween we go by it....

Tecumseh, Michigan - There is plenty explanation to these events. The hairbrush could have been moved by vibration when w...

Valparaiso, Florida - Curious as to which house. It's Boggy Bayou and I currently live on Bayshore Drive. Many of these ho...

Sumner, Washington - I live ion Bonney Lake near the Connell prairie massacre of 1855. What part of the city was this hou...

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