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57439 Ghost Sightings as of 3/28/2017

Longview, Texas
- I saw something on my video cam along my pool. Not a normal thing whatsoever it looked like an elongated orb but not just like an orb. Once my grandson saw it on the computer he started hearing things and seeing the orb appearing on the poolside. What do I do?....

Brentwood, California
- After I published this that night I was lying in bed, and I could hear the door opening and closing by itself. I thought it was the front door, so I went to close it, so my dogs wouldn't get out. I heard the door open and close, and it came from the laundry room. I know it wasn't the wind because th...

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
- My husband and I were walking on the beach after being at Ocean Annies. It was about midnight or so, and he was taking pictures of me in the water. The next day we were looking at the pictures and saw something really creepy next to me....
Stafford, Virginia
- I'm not sure how old this post is but I zoomed in on the picture because it looks severely photoshopped. Did you know there were two men though? Where was the boyfriend standing? It looks like his reflection is in one part, but the other face is different from the other. Either two people were photo...

Columbiana, Alabama
- When I was married and pregnant with my daughter my son liked to climb onto my bathroom sink and get into the shaving cream. I caught him red handed, so I took a picture for memories sake. In the picture you can see my reflection in the mirror. On my prego stomach you can see a demonic face with evi...


Ingleside, Texas - Fred and I lived on Avenue C by the high school and Junior High. Back when he was a kid he lived in this house, and later it was remodeled and so on. ...

Racine, Wisconsin - I've moved here from out of state. So of course I'm a single mother that has cameras inside a outside. My apartments. To make a long story short.... M...

Harrison, Michigan - So I was walking down to my kitchen and our front door opened by itself and when I got to the kitchen a knife flew out of the drawer and hit the wall ...

Ogden, Utah - I was at the Ogden Union station Museum and at the part where I could go on fake trains and I was a child at the time. At the time there was one fake ...

Ironton, Ohio - I used to live in a house on 4th Street and we had a lot of things happened there but one was I was asleep at night and I woke up and my hair was up l...

River Grove, Illinois - Have a story about a girl in a white dress in River Grove Bud St. Can't find any info on her though she was in my old house. I saw her shaking, grabbi...

Hamilton City, California - Well, some time has passed since I was a small child playing with rocks in the backyard at my dad's house on Sierra Street Ghost told me she was burie...

Genoa, Nevada - In 2003 I was sixteen years old and had my own car. I had got a job at the old Sierra Nevada Golf Ranch before it was purchased by the Genoa Lakes Cou...

Lunenburg, Vermont - I lived in the Lunenburg, Vt. area in a big house off the main road. It was a rental house weathered and had a steam heat furnace. I lived there with ...

Charlotte, Michigan - In 1955 a man named Horrice committed suicide in my grandma's house. I had to stay there alone after school every day, and I always heard stuff. My gr...

Kenyon, Minnesota - I would like to share my story about a house in Kenyon, MN. Many years ago when I was about six or seven years old, my parents were looking for a new ...

Paradise, California - My family and I lived at a house on Pentz Road near Pearson for five years. At first it was just a little activity like shadows and footsteps. As time...

Vonore, Tennessee - I've been in that barn a couple of times, and I've never felt any thing. I'm not saying that this is not true but that I would like to check it out. I...

Mascot, Tennessee - I finally paid for my mother's tomb stone for her grave; she died in March of last year. My father has been dead for over fifteen years. I am thirty-f...

Caribou, Maine - Hi, I wanted to tell you what happened to me. It happened in Caribou, Maine. We moved there a few years ago, and I have my room upstairs. An older man...

Campo, California - I work in Campo, San Diego County, California. It is located about fifty miles east of San Diego along Highway 94. It is the site of the Old Camp Lock...

Hornbeck, Louisiana - I have had many ghost experiences. I have seen the ghost of a middle-aged woman. Her hair is in a bun; she wears an old middle-aged dress. I have seen...

Melrose, Ohio - We moved to Oakwood when I was going into seventh grade. The whole area seems closed off from the rest of town, one of those Midwest suburbs that want...

Copeville, Texas - Twenty some odd years ago, when I was very small something happened that shook me through to my spine. I remember it vividly. I lived on what is a dea...

Williamson, New York - In East Williamson there once was a beautiful Dutch windmill on Ridge Road. It stood at the center of a fork in the road. The mill was first built as ...

Careywood, Idaho - Careywood has history I am not sure of and have been trying to find something about it. My brothers and I live out in the country about a mile from th...

Anadarko, Oklahoma - At around 2:00 am on a cool October near full moon morning while sleeping warmly in my warm farm house bed I was awoken by the sounds of coyotes screa...

Shreve, Ohio - The silo located in the Kill Buck Marsh, just located off SR 83 north of Millersburg is haunted. The silo is on the north side before you get to the w...

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Portsmouth - Virginia
I lived in Portsmouth VA. on Victory Boulevard. I saw a very large low flying object one night while I was outside talking to a guy I do not know. We ...

Omaha - Illinois
Activity is so hot I can go out on any given night and point them out. Orange or red orbs....

Hamburg - Iowa
Can't get a photo of this ufo but it hovers over the town every night about 330 am....


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Fremont, North Carolina - My family and I have always gone to these tracks to find the headless man. This is the first I've he...

Willow Spring, North Carolina - I would be very interested in hearing more regarding your ghostly experiences. I reside in Willow Sp...

Hillsboro, Ohio - We are Peebles Ohio paranormal pop if you are having ghost problem or anything we can come out and c...

Springtown, Texas - I live on Main St. Have been looking for homes to buy. Email me at cr3855 @live. com for address. I ...

Nutley, New Jersey - Has anything else happened other than that at the house have you seen the spirit and have you smelle...

Nutley, New Jersey - Has any other things happened other than just the arm scratches have you seen them or no and how lon...

Madison, Georgia - Are you having issues in your house. A lot of times they will attach to you and come in. Please text...

Hillsboro, Ohio - Where and when just interested since I live in a white two story old farm house on US 50 W....

Ironton, Ohio - Yay!!! I get to go to that school and hunt for that ghost....

Rochester, New Hampshire - Quite a talented specter....

Goliad, Texas - My mom's house. No ghosts just two lovely octogenarians who know the truth to TX history. They are a...

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